Saturday, April 26, 2008

What Could Have Been...

Presented for your enjoyment-a story of railfan frustration.

After I arrived home on Thrusday night, I didn't feel like checking email or anything else. I just wanted to relax and try to recover from my trip. Friday was a catch up day for me, cleaning up paperwork and work email in preparation for being out of town all week next week as well. So when I finally got around to my stuffed personal inbox Friday evening, imagine how I felt when I read this:

Re: Photo

Hi Jim, I work at the St. Paul Pioneer Press. We're doing a story this Sunday
in our Travel section on the Empire Builder route from St. Paul to Seattle. I
contacted Amtrak for photos and they sent a nice one from Glacier. But
they also recommended I found your nice image from
Staples, Minn 193693. With your permission, may I use it for this article? I
would certainly give you credit. I would need to know by Wednesday, April
23. Thank you.

Best regards,Diana Boger

Features Designer

St. Paul Pioneer Press

I was mighty disgusted with my failure to monitor email at that point. Just as soon as I was finished kicking myself in the nether regions, I immediately sent off a reply explaining the situation and offering cooperation if another opportunity like this ever came up. Like that would ever happen to me.

I can remember the day I shot this picture-July 4th last year, when I got up early and called Amtrak for an update on the Builder. I really like this shot-it's something different from the normal wedgie on the prairie that I usually shoot.

Oh well, live and learn. It really was cool to even get contacted about using a photo you have taken.

UPDATE: On April 28, I received another email from Diane, saying she was sorry she was not able to give more notice and that as it turned out the Sunday paper was too full to publish an Amtrak photo that week anyway. So, nothing was lost in the end. Still was an exciting communication, though.

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