Saturday, June 21, 2008

A DPU Oddity

I made it out this morning for about an hour, looking 4 trains right in Wadena. While I have a few more shots I will share later I thought this deserved its own post, since it is kind of unusual to me.

One of the trains I saw was a westbound grain train. This was led by a single C44-9W, so I thought I might have a shot at the DPU going away from the sun. Imagine my surprise when there were TWO engines on the rear.

I'm not sure if the EMD was working or not, since I have never seen a DC tranction motor EMD in DPU service. I suppose it is possible that the GE unit was controlling the EMD but I have no way of knowing. Just thought this was interesting enough that I would share it.

Edit-I don't know why the video shows up this way, it's the first time I have tried posting a video through Blogger. If you know why this is let me know. Thanks, Jim

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