Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday Night (Un)Spectactular

Hello fellow railfans and other assorted surfers:

The story of Sunday evening, the 29th of June, began quickly as Mrs L4T and myself headed uptown for a burger in preparation for an evening of fanning. As we pulled into the Orton's in Wadena for a quick gas stop, a DEEX coal train was paused at the Jefferson St Crossing in town, blocking the 2nd St W crossing. Even though it was directly into the sun, I took a picture since he had four units and that is becoming very uncommon in the area.

We made the decision to head over to Perham for supper. That proved to be a good move as I was able to catch an intermodal train with three GE's up front as he approached the underpass between New York Mills and Perham. I like this location as it is one of the few in the area that afford any elevation. This train was kind of unusual as well, with a visiting CN unit bringing up the rear of the consist.

After a quick meal at the DQ, we began the journey back to Wadena. We were in no hurry, and before too long I spotted a headlight coming. I zipped across the next crossing and in less than a minute the train was there. After my previous statement about the rarity of four unit consists on coal trains, you can just guess what the power set for this empty looked like.

And that was it for train action on a Sunday evening. I usually can count on a merchandise train with CAT equipment on the headend through the area on Sunday evening but it was nowhere to be found this day. Anyway, another enjoyable evening of looking 4 (and even finding a couple of) trains.


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