Saturday, August 9, 2008

One Shot Wonder

On the way home from my Iowa trip, I decided to head across Hwy 14 from Owatonna and then north from New Ulm. The objective was to parallel some of the DME and see what was out and about.

As we approached Waseca, I was on the lookout for trains. I have caught trains waiting to enter town from the west in the past, and today was no different. I grabbed a couple of shots in high sun, and this was the most presentable.

You can see that two trains are paused, waiting for authorization to head east. This was the only action I spotted on the way home, with the exception of one train on the Staples Sub that was leaving Randall westbound as we stopped at the C store there for refreshements. I never saw him again, and don't know what is was or where I got by him.

Just wanted to share that blue shot.

Jim, out.

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