Sunday, August 3, 2008

Standard Staples Saturday Morning

Given the choice between a bike ride uptown and running to Staples for the chance at some train photos on Saturday morning, the choice seemed simple. I left home before 0700 for the run to Staples and set up at the depot.

Action was fairly slow and I waited more than a half hour for the first train to show. Turns out it was a merchandise train led by an SD40-2, with a couple of GP types trailing. Three locos and three different paint schemes.

It was only a matter of minutes until the next train came through. This time it was a westbound, and I shot him from the shade of the depot. A pig train with two former Santa Fe units up front, still wearing the warbonnet livery.

Soon another eastbound rolled by, and it was another merchandise train. The leader on this train was a newer GEVO with a CSX Dash 9 trailing. This train was running wrong main and it turned out he ended up waiting for traffic in Lincoln.

The traffic he waited for was this Z train, that passed through Staples a few minutes behind him. I had moved to the west end of Staples yard (Dower Lake) for this shot. I will tell you this-when this Z train passed by he was travelling faster than any other train I have ever seen pass this point. Trains always slow for Staples, but he wasn't wasting any time by drifting past the yard tracks. I take it this train was running a little behind schedule and intended to correct that fact in a hurry.

I decided to shoot him multiple times, as someday I will look back at the matched consist with fond memories. I've no doubt it will be sooner than I can imagine that three H2 pumpkins will be seen as a rarity when run as a set.

That's all I have for this installment-next time I plan to share a few shots from the Wadena area, as I made my first fanning trip by bike on Sunday morning. Until I get a chance to post them, thanks for reading, and keep looking 4 trains.

Jim, out.

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