Friday, January 2, 2009

Early '08 Shots

Look4trains came to life in April of 2008, springtime, when thoughts turn again to railfanning and photography. Yet we never totally escape the attraction of the railroads, even when daylight is short and the wind is cold as you stand trackside.

The thought of "Best of 2008" lists led me back into the recesses of my hard drive, with the intention that perhaps L4T needed a recap. But I decided that instead of a recap of the entire year, I would share a couple of photos from early 2008, before this site was created.

Both of these photos remind me of what I was doing when I shot them: travelling to or from one of the towns I work with. In the first case, I had been on my new job only a month, when a westbound BNSF train revealed itself on an overcast January afternoon approaching the Hwy 10 overpass between Perham and New York Mills. I set up at the county road that crosses just east of the overpass and got this:

I really like the way the hoarfrost is clinging to everything, and the way the train recedes into fog. The color shot didn't work at all, but black and white really helps convey the mood at the time this train passed.

The second shot I found from early 2008 was shot in the Staples yard one day when I passed through and decided to swing down to the south side just to see what was parked there. Turns out there was a Grinstien MAC that had been "swooshed" resting alongside an SD75M. The MAC was front coupled to another unit which usually kills the chance to take a decent photo but in this case it seems to work. These cream and green AC units are my favorite on the BNSF, although they have suffered from patching over the years.

So that's my contribution to the end of year celebration. I'm looking forward to 2009with the hope that I will again get to see some new country, as I did this year. Thanks to all of you who read this blog, wherever you are, and good luck with you railfanning adventures over the coming year.

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