Monday, January 12, 2009

First Shots with the New K200D

Saturday January 10 was my first chance to get out and put the new camera through its paces. Mrs. L4T and myself decided to drive west in hopes that the sun would hold out long enought to take in the sights in the Lake Park area.

It wasn't long before an eastbound offed the chance for a wedgie near New York Mills. This Z train was behind a nice looking GEVO, not a bad unit for the first railfan trip photo with the new camera.

I knew there was another eastbound coming, most likely a coal train, given the radio chatter with a 5600 series. I intercepted this train just west of Perham, another plain old wedgie shot.

Next stop was Frazee, and I soon heard the detector at MP 203 announce the impending arrival of a train on Main 2. Probably another coal train, given the axle count. Sure enough, here he comes behind a pair of MAC's. I wanted to emphasize the s-curve and get the water tower involved, and I guess I succeeded, at the cost of snow in my boots and up my pant legs at least to knee height. It's getting deep over that way.

Finally, another coal train, this time powered by two ACe's, running elephant style. I decided to try and stay out of the deepest snow this time, resulting in different angle of shot.

Clouds put an end to the trip at this point. The overcast day caused us to decide to head home and save the "big trip" for a sunnier afternoon.

I was fairly happy with these images, although I noticed later that I had shot them at ISO 800 which did nothing to help the image quality. So many things are different with this new camera, and will take a little getting used.

I'm looking forward to learning about the capabilities of this new camera and hopefully learning how to take advantage of them.

Keep on looking,


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