Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Venture into the World of Flickr

BNSF 4323 approaches Frazee
Originally uploaded by look4trains

Once upon a time, I had a website running some open source software called coppermine. It worked pretty well, and I enjoyed tinkering with it and creating new galleries and tagging the photos. However, it required attention, which I wasn't always willing to give. My failure to update the software on a regular basis resulted in an attack which basically wrecked the site.

So I wiped it out, went without an internet presence for a time, then started this blog. I've been happy with it, and enjoyed getting it set up like I wanted. However, I missed being able to share photos in an organized way.

Christopher Muller, John Fladung, and a number of other Minnesota Railfans were using flickr to share photos, and I grew to like the features they had. Do I decided the time had come to set up a flickr account and get some photos uploaded. I didn't know at the time that flickr would allow me to blog about any photo that was posted, like the one above.

I have started posting on flickr, and have 100+ railroad photos up now. I always enjoyed this one and thought it would be a good one to use to promote my site. If you're interested, feel free to drop by-you can find me at I'm always very interested in feedback, so let me know what you think by comment or email. Thanks!


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