Saturday, April 18, 2009

8 Dash 9's plus a GEVO

Passing through Staples Friday afternoon on my way from Breezy Point, I found the yard to have quite a few trains, but only spotted one unit facing east. This is the reverse of the normal situation, where it seems eastbounds (mostly coal trains for the Brainerd Sub) are held in the yard more often westbounds.

Not sure if these trains had power or not, I glanced south as I passed the west end of the yard and spotted a bunch of GE's on the waiting trains. I swung around and did my best given the sun angle.

As near as I can count, that is eight Dash 9's and a single GEVO, with 6 of the old models in the H2 scheme, one H1, and a warbonnet tucked in the back on the second train from the south. BNSF sure does like them some GE's!

I wonder if this had something to do with the accumulation of westbounds in Staples on Friday? I will probably never know, but it was quite a sight in Staples.


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