Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cromwell Surprise

On my way over to Virginia Monday, I followed Highway 210 to Cromwell, then headed north on 73. I saw no traffic until I arrived at Cromwell, where a loaded coal train was stopped west of the Highway 73 crossing. I grabbed my camera to get a shot as I crossed the tracks. To my surprise, the second unit was one the KCS "Southern Belle" GE's. I haven't seen foreign power used on these coal trains before at all that I can remember.

Sorry about the photo quality, I only have Picasa on my work laptop to try and edit with.

Virginia is not as exciting with all the taconite plants shut down. Traffic is down to only the CN trains that traverse the area. Clouds moved in Monday evening after work so I didn't even go out and look. Maybe later this week.

Jim, out

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