Friday, June 5, 2009

The Highway 210 Thing

Business in Duluth on Tuesday resulted in the opportunity to fan nearly the entire length of the Brainerd Sub. Trains turned out to be few, but one train provided multiple shot attempts. That was on the way home, though. On the way over there was, as Sgt. Schultz was fond of saying, NUTH-ING!!!

After I wrapped up my business in Duluth, I headed up to the mall to pick up Mrs. L4t, who had been kind enough to accompany me on this journey. She agreed to search out Skyline Parkway with me so I would have a chance to shoot the stuffed Rice's Point yard, bulging with what I would guess to be mostly idled taconite cars.

Leaving Duluth, I let the Mrs. have the wheel for a bit while I grabbed a nap on the way home. I woke up somewhere east of Cromwell, glanced north, and saw an empty coal train racing through the swamp. Obviously my innate train radar is still in working order. I immediately began coaching Mrs. L4T on driving speed and technique while I began to attempt a series of horribly lit pacing shots that had no chance of turning out. I'll spare you by not posting one.

With great coaching, my driver managed to beat the train to McGregor and I made it up to the overpass with enough time to grab a head on shot as the train approached.

Another leapfrog and I caught him as he approached Deerwood. This spot really appeals to my eye, but the photos I attempt here never seem to live up to the potential. I think it's the big pine tree that really appeals to me.

I planned on trying to shoot him again as he crossed the bridge in Brainerd. After waiting for about 20 minutes, I figured that maybe he beat me through town, although I couldn't belive that was possible. My scanner has been acting up so I didn't trust not hearing anything. After I gave up and headed for home, I told the Mrs. that there was probably a meet set up between Deerwood and Brainerd and we would soon see a loaded train heading east. Just imagine how smart it made me look when we met a train in less than 5 minutes. With a head of steam built up, I decided to let him go and continue on to Wadena.

All in all, another good day. Pleasant company, a chance to take a train picture, and the opportunity to enjoy both of these while working made for a good trip.

Jim, out

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