Friday, July 3, 2009

3-Wait, No, 5 of a Kind

Mrs. L4T and I took a July 3rd jaunt to Brainerd this afternoon. Our last stop was Home Depot, and as we were checking out (bought a paint brush), I heard a train pass by. A glance out the door revealed a westbound coal empty.

Traffic was heavy on Hwy 210, and we didn't catch the train until Motley. I decided to have a go at him just east of Staples, and here is the result:

The leading ACe of the three in this consist was the same one I shot last week near Bluffton.

When we made it to Staples, I was surprised to see a loaded coal train with two more ACes on the head end. A chance to get 5 of these units in one frame, even if the lighting wouldn't be great. I stopped along Highway 10 to shoot this:

After supper there were three westbounds showing on the ATCS display, so we decided to head out even though there was a thick layer of clouds in the sky. No better time to try something new, eh?

My last offering for the night is another shot of the same train, a few miles further west. This stacker had a CP GEVO as the second unit. Time to try a pan, again. The results are a little better than my prior attempts.

And that's all for tonight. Hopefully this cloud blanket will lift sometime tomorrow so we can at least make an attempt at some sunny day photography.


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