Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Couple Before the Clouds

Made it out this morning for about an hour. It looked like there might be some clouds moving in so I was up and at 'em early-out the door at 0615. There was an eastbound blowing for the Wadena crossings as I left home and I hoped to be able to catch him by the time he reached Staples. I could see the light on the DPU as I crossed the tracks in Wadena and chased east. Got him first at the curve near Aldrich:

Then I ran ahead to the detector at MP 151 to shoot him again in nice morning light. This was a DAPX train that would be staying on the Staples Sub. As you can see, clouds were trying to take over.

Clouds blew my shot of this train at the crossing in Staples, but I heard the dispatcher clearing up a warrant for another eastbound. After a stop for a Diet Coke, I headed over to the depot to shoot this train. There was a loaded coal train (likely a Becker train judging by the cars) in the yard. I grabbed one of the parked train as the eastbound MERC train approached.

Then again as he was passing the depot on Main 1, preparing to leave the Staples Sub and head onto the Brainerd.

I headed back to Wadena after that train, as the clouds had built in pretty well by now. I wasn't sure if there were any other eastbounds moving, but I soon spotted a headlight and swung over to a crossing for a shot.

Those LED numberboards really stick out in this cloudy and dark shot.

And that was all for today. I had spotted two westbounds earlier, on my way to Staples, but my pursuit of the DAPX train meant no shots at that time. All in all, a nice little outing.



cnwopr said...

Jim: The last shot of the 7335 was my favorite. Sure, it was dark and cloudy but I think that helped you to capture the surrounding environment more than a sunny shot would have. Sometimes, the sun isn't everything and you turned an excellent "average" train shot into an exceptional one by using the clouds and the darkness to your advantage. It put some weather drama into the picture. Well done! Outstanding! Only wish I had as much luck when I go out to shoot. Paul

Jim said...

Thanks Paul. My wife keeps telling me that just because the sun isn't shining, it doesn't mean that you can't take a nice photo. I need to listen to her more!