Friday, September 4, 2009

Sunday Evening Trifecta

Mrs. L4T and I ventured out on a beautiful evening last Sunday around suppertime. I knew there were a couple of westbounds in the pipeline.

The first one was passing Wadena as we made it uptown, so plans were changed from the Staples DQ to the Perham DQ. Ya gotta be flexible when it comes to chasing trains.

I passed him at New York Mills, and set up for a shot east of Perham near the "big woods". A couple of EMD's in this consist, including a warbonnet SD75.

After dinner, next up was a coal empty. I think this one was a COLX train. Once again, back to the woodsy spot. I like the background of oak trees in this location.

We figured that was it, but ATCS clued me in on a Superior empty coming off the Brainerd. I shot him at the CR 75 crossing just west of Wadena. Sweet set of power on this train. Seems like the BNSF has again reverted to running some of the MERC trains with two units up front and no DPU. Maybe it's just random chance on what I see.

And that was it. Thought I should share something, as this has been a quiet blog for a few days. I've got a couple more posts in the hopper-one from DME land and another from NE MN, with some unique action that we seldom get a chance to see. I'll try and get them up over the long weekend sometime.


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