Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wadena Local Action

Tuesday evenings are famous throughout Wadena as the night of competing burger specials. Since we were three this week, with Granny L4T spending her last night for this visit, we decided to hit the Boondocks for the buck burger special, which now costs $1.25 (but I digress).

After finishing off our vittles, and being only a couple of blocks from the tracks, we swung by only to find headlights galore to the east. The local was working the Drywall Supply spur and a coal empty was headed back for another load. The local was hiding behind the equipment bungalow by the time I touched off this shot.

Since the local was at work, I headed down to watch him. He ran around his train on the spur, and backed out onto the main. Here comes the power, stepping lightly on 100 year old rail as it prepares to get on the "right" end of its train for the run back west.

Since the light was so nice, it seemed a waste to not run back uptown and get one more of the local as he departed for Dilworth. After a short wait, surprisingly, it was off to the west on Main 2. It's fairly unusual to see a train head west from Wadena wrong main, given the lack of CTC between Wadena and Richards Spur.

It was a nice little treat for the evening, and the crew was friendly. A family with three small kids came out to watch them switch, and the crew waved and tooted the horn for the excited young ones.

The burgers were good, too.


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