Friday, September 18, 2009

A Run to Staples

A glance at the weather, a quick discussion with Mrs. L4T, and a couple of trains on the way west were all the inspiration I needed to scamper over towards Staples after supper tonight.

I guessed that there might be a westbound switching when we left, and sure enough he was pulling a long cut of cars out of the yard shortly after we arrived. The locomotive stopped just short of the Dower Lake crossing and I shot the unusual consist-and SD75M in nice warbonnet paint leading a CP AC unit, with a Dash 9 pumpkin rounding out the power.

After a wait of a couple of minutes, the second westbound showed up on Main 1. I was a little concerned about getting blocked out, and I have shot the Dower Lake crossing quite a few times anyway, so we decided to head west for this train. I picked the last crossing before Aldrich as the tree line is well back from the tracks and the sun was getting very low in the sky.

Nice looking GEVO on the point of this mixed intermodal. Mostly stacks with a few trailers thrown in. The dispatcher treated him like a Z train, and he had the power as well, but the Z's I usually see have more trailers and less stacks. So I don't really know what this was.

I debated waiting for the manifest, but the sun was going away fast. We headed for Wadena, but met a loaded 1x1 coal train just west of Verndale. My attempt at getting a shot involving the setting sun and this train didn't pan out.

Another coal load and a Superior empty passed through Wadena before we made it back. So it was a busy evening on the Staples Sub.

I've got some photos to share from this week that I will try and get posted over the weekend. Just to keep your interest up, one is pretty unique for me.


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