Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tilting at Windmills (Part 3)

An earlier post covered my fotography fiasco in southwest Minnesota. Today I'll share some shots that are more presentable, although none of them are anything to brag about.

The first three photos are all of the same train, which I heard getting a warrant to head south on the Marshall Sub fairly early in the morning. I moved to intercept, and located a likely spot at the S-curve shown in the first offering.

This shot gives an indication of something I have noticed in prior trips to the area-there are a lot of AC locomotives on not only coal trains, but also grain trains and manifest trains that operate through the area. This next shot gives a good view of not only the SD70MAC leader, but also a somewhat uncommon BNSF AC4400CW. This GE model was certainly outnumbered by the MAC's that came to dominate many BNSF coal trains.

My last shot of this train was once again near the "summit" of the Marshall Sub's passage across Buffalo Ridge. This is where the windmills are thick. I do love this spot, and hope some day to take a decent train photo here.

This post also has a bonus prize. I happened upon a shuttle train being loaded in Holland, and this CF7 had the honors. Nice paint, and one of the few I have ever seen in person. I think the only others were TCW units that I have stumbled across while travelling central MN.

Next up in this series, the final post. This one will feature blue and yellow paint instead of orange, along with my first railfan photo in South Dakota.


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