Sunday, January 10, 2010

Highway 10 in the Sun

I'm behind. My last shots are from a trip to the Cities and back for meetings last Thursday afternoon and Friday gave me the chance to shoot a few train photos. For a change the sun was out and the trains were running. Only one shot from Thursday, a COLX train waiting patiently for a green signal just west of Becker.

So one the way home, a week ago, trains were once again fairly common on the Staples Sub. The first opportunity for a photo was near Rice, where I stumbled across a manifest train with a BNSF Dash 9 leading another GE wearing CSX paint and smoking up a storm.

Next stop, Little Falls. An eastbound local was waiting on the siding at the depot for a light to proceed toward St. Cloud. Power was a freshly painted GP38. This one was still shiny.

I polished off the day with westbound coal empties, illuminated by the setting sun. These were shot in the Randall and Cushing area.

And then it was time to head home. Thanks, BNSF, for entertaining me on my journey by running some trains.

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