Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Little Whimsy

This is kind of fun: a word cloud that shows the relative frequency of the use of various words on this blog.

I have seen these things in other locations and always wondered how much time they took to create. Turns out, less than a minute. After a search, I surfed my way over to the wordle website, entered the address of this blog and within a few seconds had my word cloud. After a couple of tweaks I was ready to post it here.

Things I noticed-since this blog is about "looking for trains", I guess it only fits that the biggest word in the cloud (most frequently used) is train. Staples is a big hitter as well, not just the town but the subdivision, I'm sure. West and time occur frequently (as in I don't have enough time to do as much railfanning as I would like). Mrs. L4T was glad she made an appearance as well. Railfanning and railfans also popped up.

I think this just searched the posts that were on the home page at the time I ran the application. Just a fun little distraction I thought I would post.


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