Sunday, January 24, 2010

More C4

Last weekend Mrs. L4T and I had to make a quick run to Wal Mart here in Wadena for who knows what,I can't even remember. Any, she questioned my decision to fetch the camera for such a trip, but it turned out to be worthwhile.

The crossing gates on Jefferson Street/Highway 71 in Wadena dropped as we approached from the north, on our way home. I expected a chance to watch a train sail through town before we continued south. But when the lead unit turned out to be one of the ES44C4's it was time to "recalculate", as my GPS likes to tell me. Off we went.

I quickly pulled ahead of the train and crossed the tracks near Verndale for an admittedly crappy photo. However, I wasn't about to let the chance to bag a unit MN Chris had shot slip away. So this is my own attempt at the unique "banged up numberboard" loco he had shot a week or so earlier in Cass Lake.

That is all.

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