Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Year Under the Belt

The time has come once again to look back over the year that was. Today, turns 2 years old.

Last year, I did a bit of a recap of my first year of train blogging. Web traffic is still nice, and it makes things worthwhile in a different way when the hit counter is spinning, but if I was doing this blog to generate traffic I would have quit long ago. Much more important than page views is staying in touch with people I have gotten to know through the hobby. That's what really lets me do, and why I am still posting two years after I started. In fact, looking back on what I wrote last year, this section is at least as applicable as it was then:

"Has this been worth doing? For me, the answer is a definite yes. For one thing, Mrs. L4T likes to read about her part in the look4trains fact-finding outings. It also has helped me to share information with other people who have similar interests. Railfanning in a small Minnesota town can be a solitary pursuit, but the internet has helped people with similar interests to make contact with each other, share information, and develop friendships. Hopefully this blog has contributed in some small way to that goal."

This site saw 72 posts in its first year, and over 120 posts in its second year. I don't know that I will maintain this level of posting, but it seems unlikely I will abandon this blog in the forseeable future. One of the unexpected pleasures resulting from the posting I have done is reading back over past railfan adventures and the memories the posts bring back for me. Whether it's the SP 4449 passing through the area, or simply the memory of another in a long line of BNSF coal trains rolling across the Staples Sub, or one of the occasional trips where railfans get together, thinking back on the experiences is a lot of fun. I guess I'll keep doing this blogging thing.


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