Saturday, April 24, 2010

An Artist's Work

Today Mrs. L4T and I made our way to St. Cloud for the spring edition of the Granite City Train Show. (Actually, she went for the shopping.) One of the inspirational highlights of this show is seeing what Ian has dreamed up to display. I do believe his depiction of Wingett's Recycling may be his most impressive work to date at the show, although the T scale layout he had last time was amazing if only for its size. Here are a few shots of Wingett's:

Here's a view from "behind the scenes"-trains enter and exit the layout from this hidden staging area. It really is a complete performance to watch the trackmobile or locomotive at work on this little layout.

Now after looking at those photos, consider the fact that the Wingett's layout was built in seven days.

Simply beautiful. And it's not just the appearance, the thing runs pretty well too, especially when I consider that he hauled it up from his house and set it up in a crowded hall.

And even with all that, Ian hasn't been neglecting the tiny T scale models he had at the last GCTS. If you can believe this, he has been SCRATCHBUILDING cars in T scale. Most of you are familiar with HO, and most probably know N scale model railroad equipment when you see it. I had seen photos of Z scale equipment, and thought there was no way it could be surpassed. I was wrong. Take a look at this undecorated gondola Ian has managed to knock together. Keep in mind the Soo Line boxcar is HO scale:

Here, Ian holds his creation in the palm of his hand. I can barely see this stuff, and he is cutting out and assembling parts to make it. Simply amazing. All I could do in response was ask him how he would make decals, and if the data would be legible under a scanning electron microscope!

Looking at his work, I can't decide whether I should be inspired or humbled. Talent like that is not something all of us were blessed with. But he must have inspired me, because I did add to my collection of BN/BNSF coal tubs at the show. Slowly but surely, I'm becoming my own little Empire Builder.

Thanks, Ian, for sharing your talent at this show. Many people truly enjoy it and I'm sure you are inspiring others in the pursuit of model railroading.


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dorcheat said...

I love the realism of the Soo Line 1562 "Black Bandit" MP-15 switcher(former Milwaukee Road).