Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Toys!

Seeing the work Ian and the other modelers who had layouts at the St. Cloud show are doing jump started my modeling desire. A few weeks ago, while nosing around on ebay, I spotted something that I didn't even know existed. Once I saw it, there was no question I had to have it. Turns out that at one time, the BN "Aeroflo" bathtub gons were available in HO scale from LBF. I've always had a soft spot for this car, and so it passed that I became the owner of my first batch of coal tubs.

Fast forward to today, the third cloudy Sunday in a row. Seemed like a great time to head down to the basement and dig around on my unbelievably messy workbench, find the exacto knife, forceps, and plastic cement, and see what I could rustle up from a couple of those kits. Where are those couplers I bought three years ago, anyway? I picked one of the Aeroflo cars and one of the Coalporters (a special one, double rotary ends) to start with. Each one took about an hour to assemble, and when I was done I decided to take a couple of pictures.

After yesterday's show, my fleet of coal cars has reached about 20. Not quite a unit train, but far enough into the pursuit of one that it's no use trying to stop now. What a project I am beginning to envision-I'll need to expand the layout to run them. And they won't look right behind my motley collection of geeps-I can see some combination of MAC's and ACe's in my future as well. As a matter of fact, I think there is an auction for a Genesis MAC in H2 paint ending any minute...



BB-Idaho said...

Model railroad & coal cars: a slippery slope!
When I started my n scale
UP layout in 1992, I started with some Thrall
Hiside gondolas, and managed a 24 car unit train in short order. Now some dozen++ years and a few more unit trains later...134 of the things!
BN, AECX, UP, CMO, KCLX, NORX, NPPX..Thrall, bathtubs, Bethgons, Trinity, Johnstown..good
grief! (Sure, I even have BNSF runthrough..though haven't the heart to turn
that C44-9W War Bonnet into the typical faded pink, dirty silver, scuffed up unit we often see). ..and I'm still looking for some more NORX.
Is there a cure?

Jim said...

No cure I've found yet. The mailman just brought me 4 more kits today. I'm up to 20 and plan on having 6 more in short order. More fun!

BB-Idaho said...

Not sure what 'flavors' of coal cars pass through Staples, but there are some 280,000 coal cars, a great many with reporting marks ending in 'X'. here is a place with photos and data
on many owners (which helped de-confuse me just a bit!)