Thursday, June 3, 2010

Racing to Randall...and back, Part II

Thursday marked the third consecutive day that revolved around a trip to Randall. This time I was greeted by the horn of an eastbound as I walked out into the driveway, and the chase was on.

By the time I made Verndale I had built a small lead on the coal loads, which I managed to maintain passing through town. This let me try my first shot of the morning as the train passed one of my favorite big trees.

He was making good time, and that offered the opportunity to shoot him in Staples on Main 1, as the dispatcher crossed him over at Dower Lake. Here's the shot from a bit of a new angle, that I don't really like.

MOW crews anxious to go to work were quizzing the dispatcher as to when they could begin their 7 hour work window. The holdup was an FRA car passing east through the area. Nothing could start until this short train had made its way through. I was already at work in Randall when ATCS showed him approaching, and I convinced my co-workers this was an opportune time for a break. After a wait that couldn't have been more than 5 minutes, success.

Nothing on the way home, as the MOW crews were still hard at it. I did shoot a short video clip of a ballast cleaning machine as I left Randall, that I will try and upload to youtube in the near future.


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