Friday, June 25, 2010

A Train Photo for You

Life has been hectic in the L4T household. Mrs. L4T is busy preparing for her mom's 90th birthday bash this weekend, and I've had some work to do. Tomorrow I am off to help one of the victim's of Wadena's tornado move into a different home.

But tonight we had a few minutes to grab a sandwich at McDonald's and stop at the Depot for an evening meal. We weren't interrupted by any trains, but after a short ride we were heading home when I spotted an approaching headlight on Main 1. I decided to shoot a fast moving Z train entering town.

I've got some of the photos from Verndale processed, and am trying to find time to work on some more. Hopefully I'll have a few ready for the coming week, when I'll be in Northeast Minnesota, and some evening I can put together a post telling the tale of Verndale Rail 2010.

Until that time, take the photo posted above as evidence that I am still alive and kicking. All for now,


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