Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Staples Stuff

A lunch trip to Staples offered the opportunity to investigate the yard, and it turned out there were some trains sitting there, waiting for who knows what. Three coal loads were the most obvious in this shot.

There was a crew hauler just out of the shot, and he must have delivered a crew for the MAC powered train, as by the time I got to the east end of the yard lead they were rolling and a wait of a couple minutes let me get them once more as they approached Main 2 just prior to crossing over again and entering the Brainerd Sub.

The drive back to Wadena gave me one more chance at a photo, which I wouldn't even post but for the GP30 that is the third unit in the consist. Maybe just moving somewhere but it's neat to see some older power out riding the high iron.

The sun came out later in the day, and after supper Mrs. L4T and I decided a tour was in order. Only one westbound was showing, and I debated about where to try a shot. I ended up at CR 143 and was disappointed at the outcome. One of this summer's tornados really tore up this area and it's not as photogenic as it once was, but the sun is swinging so far to the south that after this curve there is little chance at nose light before Frazee.

Finally, I decided to run back to Staples and see if the yard had cleared up. It was still well populated with trains, but with no photo opportunities we stopped at DQ instead of taking a picture. Then the 151.6 detector alerted us to an eastbound, so it seemed like a decent time to try and work the depot into a backlit shot.

After that train was past, I finished my new "mini" oreo mint Blizzard, and we headed back to Wadena, enjoying the wonderful fall colors along the way. A phone call from MN Chris asking if there was anything showing on the ATCS was the start of another tale, but I'll leave the telling of that one to him since he was the eyewitness.


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