Sunday, October 3, 2010

Like it Used to Be

No doubt, Staples yard has seen its share of SD40-2's over the years that venerable locomotive has been in existence. Only 5 years ago, they were very common on trains through this area, especially stack trains and vehicle trains. The arrival of new GE units and the drop in traffic during the economic downturn about killed them off.

Like a Phoenix, though, they have (barely) risen from the dead over the last few months. Although far from common, it's no longer a surprise to see one or two of the units on the Staples Sub. Such was the case Friday as I travelled home from the Cities.

Obviously the Heritage paint scheme on the rear unit plays havoc with my "like it used to be" theme, but still. Spartan cab EMD's, that's a nice sight regardless of whether or not they are green.

That shot also included a set of three Grinstein MAC's, just the way they were intended to look with the exception of the patches under the windows and the travesty of the missing nose logos.

Then, just as I was basking in the sight of all these EMD throwbacks, what had to appear but a manifest train behind a pair of GE's-Norfolk Southern, to boot! What a way to rain on a parade. I guess we just can't have nice things.

Since the first couple of shots were so badly backlit, there was no option but to creep to the edge of the woods and grab one last photo from a different angle. I'm sure there will be other chances to shoot a consist like this, but each day that passes makes it less likely. So if you find 'em, shoot 'em.


One happy railfan.

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