Monday, October 18, 2010

Warren Wonder

With work in extreme Northwest Minnesota this week, I started out Monday by making the Staples/DL/Noyes Sub trip that I am lucky enough to make a few times a year. However, this time the only action all the way up was evidence of a recent derailment in Mahnomen-trackwork must have been heavy as no trains were running.

All afternoon, nothing passed through Warren on the BNSF or the NPR. I resigned myself to a trainless Monday. Then, just as I was leaving town on my way to Thief River Falls for the evening, here it came.

Sure enough, a LOOOONNNGGG NPR train headed west, into the sun. Well, this calls for a u-turn. The train was travelling slowly enough that it was easy to get a couple of other shots west of town. I think I like this one the best.

This certainly seemed like a long train, so I decided to count the cars. I made it to about 80 when the count was interrupted with this sight:

Since I seriously doubt the NPR is using old chop-nosed GP9's as remote mid-train helpers, it seems likely this veteran is going somewhere, hopefully to work.

Once I regained my composure it turned out the train was about 142 cars, with one four axle locomotive dead in consist and four six-axles up front. What a pleasant way to end the day!



WeatherGuy_kb9wob said...

What an interesting consist! I don't suppose it's possible that loads were in front and empties after the GP9? Perhaps the 9 was power for the empties with a different destination.

Allen said...

Nice catch!

My understanding is that the NPR train leaves Fordville, ND @4am for Thief River Falls. And yes, it travels at 10MPH so it gives one plenty of time to get ahead and catch it.

Jim said...

Not sure what was loads/empties except for some open hoppers that appeared to be carrying sand. I thought maybe the 9 was going to an elevator somewhere?