Sunday, November 14, 2010

Odds and Ends

A frenzy of running around has seriously limited railfanning recently, but I've managed to pick up a few shots during my travels. This past week I was in Fairfax and Hawley, and saw a train on each trip.

Tuesday in Fairfax, the TCW had a CAT powered GP unit hard at work most of the day. The elevator must have been loading corn, and the locomotive was shuttling cars around town from morning to early afternoon. This was shot pretty early in the morning:

The grain car fleet on the MPLI and TCW is a dukes mix-former cars of many types, most of them just patched into their new owner. I had to shoot the one just outside my workplace for the day as the early morning sun illuminated it. Mother Nature is the most accomplished weathering artist I've ever seen!

The Fairfax depot has been restored, and is protected by a semaphore that has recently had its blade repaired. I was wandering the town early that morning as the sun hit the lenses in the signal, and it seemed like a worthy candidate for a photo.

Wednesday morning dawned cloudy, and dashed hopes of a glorious morning shot on the way to Hawley. The further I went the heavier the overcast, and by the time I reached DL the fog was settled in. I encountered a train near Audubon, and had to try a shot in the fog.

And that's the entire take from almost 500 miles of travel over a bit more than 2 days. But fear not, there is always the chance of another train just around the corner. Never stop looking for trains.

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