Saturday, November 27, 2010

Short. Sweet.

The title pretty much describes today's railfanning outing. Company at home, including Mr. L4T Jr. and Granny L4T, made me want to stick around as much as possible. The tip from some OMR fans that we may see a late 8 on Saturday was enough, though, to get me to check the status of the Builder. On learning of a morning passage through the area I decided to venture out for a bit and try to catch it. A near 10 AM arrival at Detroit Lakes was the final piece of the puzzle. I decided to try the curve at New York Mills:

As you can see he was meeting a westbound coal empty at the crossing so I got two trains for my half hour invested in railfanning. The Builder was flying when I shot this-I only got one chance at it. Had to be close to the speed limit on that section of track.

Then I spent some time modeling this afternoon, and with a little long distance help from Chris was able to get my third DCC engine (and first with SOUND! Toot Toot! F1 baby!) up and running. I can see this DCC business is going to make some long cold winter evenings pass a little faster, what with speed tables, ditch lights, and the like.

So that's my day of involvement in the railroad hobby. Thanks for looking, and hope all of you had as productive a day as I did.


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