Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Z

Fate left me all alone this afternoon. There were a lot of things that needed doing, but the lovely weather was a temptation as well. A check of the ATCS revealed a solitary westbound the other side of Philbrook, so after puttering around the house for a bit I decided to head for the most west-facing segment of track in the Wadena area to see if there was any nose light to be had.

I waited less than 10 minutes before hearing the train blowing for the crossings to the east. The weather nice enough to leave a window down giving me plenty of notice. A cranked up zoom yielded the first shot, as the train approached the bridge over the Leaf River.

This Z train was moving fast, but there was time for a couple of more shots as the train approached. The train had a nice looking set of power, three Dash 9's all with decent looking orange paint. There are a lot of really ugly Dash 9's on the rails, and it's a pleasant surprise to see three that look like these do.

After the train passed, it was back home again, for a session playing with CV's and soldering feeders to the track.


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