Monday, February 14, 2011

Railfanning in the Basement

I've been conspicuously absent from this blog the last few weeks. Part of it has been the weather, part the terrible light that this time of year brings to the Staples Sub, but the greatest part due to the heaviest workload I have seen in years.

I've been tinkering in modeling lately. It's a great way to relax after work and the light is always decent. There's also an endless variety of things to do, so no model railroader should ever get bored. If you have had your fill of building kits, you can switch to benchwork, or laying track, or scenery, or any of an almost endless variety of different activities.

Over the weekend I shifted into scenery mode for a couple of hours, and thought I should take a couple of pictures to record the results of my (very) amateur efforts. First up, an empty coal train behind a pair of MAC's pull onto the main from the siding.

The second shot catches a mixed consist led by an SD75 as an intermodal train on the main continues on its journey. The trailing unit is an extremely rare C44 in the "wedgie" paint scheme.

When the weather, work, and winter light conspire to interfere with railfanning, you can always retreat to the basement and make your own scenes. Hopefully as time passes, these photos will become more presentable. Thanks for looking.

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