Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can't Get it Out of My Head

I've been humming that old song by the Electric Light Orchestra for a while. It's probably due to the magnetic draw of the beautiful blue skies we have enjoyed for a few days-even if you try to avoid it, the railfan bug keeps coming back. Mrs. L4T and I finally broke down yesterday and made the trip to Staples to investigate what the BNSF might be up to on a lovely late Sunday afternoon.

The railroad was kind enough to send a few westbounds our way during our time along the tracks. Before reaching Staples a headlight announced the arrival of one of the MAC's with flashing ditchlights. He was heading up a long manifest train, with a green Dash-2 providing the other end of a GE sandwich, as seen here:

We suspected another westbound, so stopped at the crossing in Staples to wait a bit prior to eating. This turned out to be a good decision, as Mrs. L4T told me she thought she could hear something. Darned if she wasn't right-I had planned to stand on the yard lead (in the crossing) to shoot this train, but that plot was foiled when he showed up running on the wrong main and I backed off so as not to upset the crew. Still got a nice look at what the H1 paint job is supposed to look like-and this one looks many times better than most of the newer engines running around.

Leaving the parking lot after chicken at the DQ, we decided to make a trip to Motley and back. Nothing was doing along the Brainerd Sub, but it turned out to be a good move anyway as another westbound stacker was visible across the lake as we came back to Staples, giving another chance at a shot. This time we picked Aldrich, and came away with this:

While we were waiting for the above train to arrive, an eastbound cleared a 308 warrant at Wadena and I decided to wait and shoot him as well. His headlight swung into view just as the tail end of the train above cleared the curve west of Aldrich, so it was a short wait until the 5268 showed up.

And then it was back to Wadena. It was a fun outing, especially seeing the sun in a location that was somewhat conducive to photography. As sure as another train on the Staples Sub, summer is coming-and I can't get it out of my head.

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BJH said...

That is one of my favorite songs too and I just realized I hadn't heard it in a while! Thanks for getting it back in my head too and relating one of my favorite groups and trains!