Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lumberjack Local

Wednesday found me on the road to Bagley, with very little likelihood of seeing much in the way of rail action for a couple of days. I had a full day to do in Bagley, and another full day on Thursday in Fosston. Since Mrs. L4T was away from home over night, I decided to stay in the area to save a little driving and see what I could see.

When I finished up with Wedensday's work I headed to Bemidji in the hopes that MN Chris would be able to slip away from work for a bit to give a guided tour of the model railroad club layout in town. Before I called him, the plan was to stop at the library to finish up the day's paperwork. There was one quick stop to make even before that, and when I was standing next to my car, sure enough, I heard a train horn. Seeing as how the depot was only a couple of blocks away, a swing by seemed appropriate. Once again, luck was with me as the Cass Lake local accelerated by the depot on the way home.

Unbelievably, this was the second daylight train I had seen on the Lakes Sub that day. While in a meeting in Bagley, another westbound had sounded off for the Highway 92 crossing and a quick run to the window (which always entertains those folks I'm working with) revealed what Chris later told me was likely a SUPMIN train with limestone hoppers on the head end. Sadly, no photos of the one.

Chris and I were able to find time for supper and a stop at the club. They have a nice space and a layout that you can tell is getting attention. It was a special treat to be able to take a long ethanol train for a spin around the layout behind a couple of finely detailed (with extremely customized lighting) ACe's. Thanks, Chris! And NICE train!

It's always fun to catch a train away from your normal stomping grounds, and the BNSF was kind to me this week.

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