Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winter Railfanning Blues

I just realized that the only current prototype photos I have posted in well over a month were of the F59-led Builder on February 26. My bad. While I have been spending lots of time working on models, I still manage to get out of the house occasionaly, and once in a while have a chance to shoot some train pictures.

Most of the pictures are under heavy overcast, so that's one reason it's been hard to get motivated to go out and stand in the cold. But one thing that overcomes even the clouds is the opportunity to spend time with other fans. On February 5th, news of a late #7 got the boys out in force. Mrs. L4T and I decided to head on over Hawley way and check in with them. Luckily we were there for the passage of the Amtrak train, including a very unusual unit third out.

There's a good chance that the train was covered with frozen foam when it stopped in Fargo.

A short wait yielded one more westbound, this time coal empties led by MAC's. This is a great place to railfan.

And with those two trains in the bag, Mrs. L4T and I headed for home. We were able to catch one more coal empty as it approached the Highway 10 overpass between Perham and New York Mills. This time a GE was doing the honors.

February 22, I had to make a trip to Staples, and was pleased to find this consist sitting at the west end of the Staples yard. Once again, the lighting was crappy, but how could you resist a set like this?

And finally, the next day I passed an eastbound just outside St. Cloud and decided to shoot him at the MP 66 crossover. A manifest train with a couple of EMD's in the consist, this was was tossing the snow along the right of way into the air.

There you have it. Not a lot to choose from, but I needed to get some of these posted just to maintain any railfanning cred. Hopefully I'll get a few better shots next week when I head to the land of blue and yellow.

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