Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amtrak, Again

Wednesday morning I was up and at it with the roosters as the day called for a trip to Virginia and back for work. The weather was certainly nothing spectacular and little railfanning was expected. I did get a treat while I gassed up at Holiday in Wadena, though, when #8 cruised through town a couple of hours late just as I started pumping gas.

Thursday morning started out in a similar fashion. Even though I only needed to run to Clarissa, a low gas tank was reason enough to stop at Holiday once more. This time, the late #8 cooperated, waiting until I was just getting back in the car to come through Wadena. With that, the chase was on. I figured that a little railfan driving might get me to Staples in time to grab a shot.

I wasn't able to make up any time on the train all the way over, but I did manage to keep it in sight, and so was able to get him as he left the depot in Staples:

After that, I had to hustle to Clarissa, so was not able to get a shot of the SD40-2 and SD45 that were coupled up sitting in Staples yard. It was a fun chase, and made me realize once more how lucky I am to have a job that gives me the chance to do things like this on occasion.

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