Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to L4T.com

Once again we have reached that special day of the year-the day that commemerates the birth of look4trains.com. Since I remembered to post on the first birthday and the second birthday of the website, it seemed like ending the tradition this year would be wrong.

And it's been another good year in the L4T world. Loads of trains, including some memorable ones, along with a lot of good memories of time spent with railfanning friends. The past year has also seen me re-infected with the modeling bug (thanks Ian and Chris!) and I have been spending more time in the basement and not quite as much time along the tracks as a result. It's still railfanning to me, though, whether I'm watching the real thing or a 1/87th rendition. Which sort of brings me to the point of tonight's post.

I'm sitting in a hotel in Duluth, glancing out the window occasionally at weather that looks like it would rather snow than rain, longing for home. To kill some time on this trip I threw some plastic, cement, and a couple of tools in a box before leaving home. Tonight I finished work and decided to get on with building that elusive DEEX coal gon that I have always wanted. Here's my workspace:

Obviously it takes me no time to mess up a desk something awful. That must mean I'm working, though, right? Just to prove that it's not all a set-up, a picture of the plastic box I've managed to cobble together to this point:

Actually, some of this work was done last night, after I finished my presentation for this morning. I snuck in about an hour of modeling then, and after answering my emails from today, set to work once more, this time trying to concoct an underframe for my budding work of art:

Now I'm setting here trying to picture how the trucks and couplers will fit onto this contratption. A sneaking suspicion that extensive cutting and filing will be required is creeping into my head, but what the heck, it's not like I've ever done this before so getting it right the first time would seem almost criminal anyway.

So happy birthday, look4trains, and most of all, thanks to the people that read and comment on these stories. It's sure fun for me to look back over the years and relive some of the experiences in my head. Here's hoping for many more years of enjoyable trainwatching and commenting. In ten more years, this website will be a teenager. Maybe I'll keep doing this for that long. Who knows?

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