Sunday, April 3, 2011

An "SD" Kind of Day

SaturDay, Mrs. L4T and I headed over Brainerd way after lunch to get some things taken care of. Since the sun was out, I brought the camera (OK, I would have brought the camera regardless-"Pentax: don't leave home without it!")

My first victim showed up as we pulled into Brainerd, where a set of vintage SD's were sunning themselves on the east end of the yard. I crept up on the pair from the south to snap a couple of photos without disturbing them.

The rails were quiet the rest of the way to Brainerd and almost all the way back to Staples. As we approached town from the east, a loaded coal train was announced by the presence of the familiar trio of headlights. This one had an ACe and MAC up front. I decided to wait a bit and see if there was a DPU to shoot. Sure enough, this time they left it pointed the right way. I failed to anticipate the glare off the windshield, though, and this is all I have to show for the wait.

An eastbound was passing through town, staying on the Staples, as we rolled by the depot. For some reason I kept on going, and it turned out to be a good decision as we spotted the tail end of a coal empty before reaching Aldrich. Immediately thoughts turned toward the Bluffton curve, and even with a red light in Wadena I had managed to open a big enough gap on the train to make it there with a couple of minutes to spare. I shot him as he approached the new crossing gates there, with plenty of sun to illuminate the pair of ACe's leading the train.

That's all the railfanning we managed this weekend, as the clouds rolled in on Sunday and I got occupied with the models. It was fun to see a great selection of EMD's fine products on display along the BNSF on a sunny spring Saturday.

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