Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Fertilizer Plant

It just goes on and on. My fertilizer plant construction project, that is.

I've documented some of the earlier work on this project in previous posts, along with some photos on flickr. One thing I'm kind of proud about is that I have kept at this, working through problems that creep up rather than pitching the entire works in the trash.

Last night I applied some paint to the tower and set everything that's been assembled to this point on the layout for a photo shoot.

Surprisingly to me, it looks almost presentable. Obviously there is still work to do, for example install motors at the top of the legs, and build conveyers to carry the material to the base of the legs, along with a spout into the top of the tower. And that's not even counting the work of creating a scene where it will actually blend in. I get more inspired to carry on the closer it gets to completion, though.

Work will continue in fits and starts, as time allows. This isn't the kind of project you can complete in a hotel room, and when I'm home there is more to do than create a 1/87th replica of an imaginary fertilizer plant. Someday, though, I'll be able to sit back and say "I built that".

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Jesse b said...

Looks wonderful! Who makes that green and yellow building next to the tracks?