Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Modeling

Here's an eye catching structure that seems made for an HO scale layout:

And so I set out to build such a thing. It's part of a recent burst of fertilizer equipment related scratchbuilding. This time, I hope to get it closer than the first try at a warehouse. So far, here's what's been accomplished:

With a couple of the Rix Products grain elevator legs on hand, hopefully the required materials are available to complete the job. One lesson from setting out to build something, however, is this-I'm not the best planner in the world. There always seems to be that one last item that is missing, requiring either a trip to a hobby shop (a hundred miles or more, in my case), a visit to an online pusher, or figuring out a different way to do what needs to be done. So far the options are used in about equal parts, but the last one is by far the most fun, although also the most time consuming. I could usually order the little widget I need, wait by the door for FedEx, and still save time compared to fabricating. Oh well, no one told me it was easy.

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