Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crude and Rocky

Saturday evening the L4T household (that's me and the Mrs.) decided that train hunting was long over-due. And we set out to right that.

Luck was with us as we saw a crude train roar across the Highway 71 crossing in Wadena. That set up a great chase and I decided to wait for that train at the Big Woods just east of Perham. With the forested background this always reminds me of a model railroad scene. Third unit on this train was a visitor from the south.

After a stop at the Perham DQ, we looked for another spot to catch the second westbound. We ended up at the landfill crossing between New York Mills and the overpass. It sure is nice to have some greenery for a background these days.

That was a long rock train, with large rip rap in the side dump cars up front and a bunch of dump train cars trailing with smaller rock. That makes the three styles of rock cars this week, after having shot the slot machine a couple of days earlier.

I heard the CP talking but we needed to get home so didn't investigate further. Sounded like a meet at Vergas but Jer will have to report on that action. All for now.

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