Friday, July 8, 2011

Border Country

After a drive home from the Twin Cities yesterday, this afternoon I was on the road once more, this time to visit my parents in International Falls. I'm supposed to help them move this weekend.

Trips back to the Falls always make me think about the all-Alco MDW that ruled the rails during my stay there. I took advantage of the visit to Borderland by making a quick stop near the MDW engine house before we went to supper. Luckily the railroad decided to pose one of their "new" locos next to the building. With thanks, I grabbed a couple of shots.

After getting back in the car, a moving train showed up coming from the area of the bridge. Here came one of the old Alcos, bringing some boxcars toward the yard. A short move and I was out again, hopeful of getting a shot of both units side by side. No such luck, though, as the train tied up north of the street crossing and the engineer headed inside. So this was all that was available of the Alco powered train:

Still, this seemed like fair luck, and so it was off to Ranier. Didn't really expect to see much, but after reaching the crossing this was sitting there:

It's a far cry from the lashups of SD40 types that were so common 15 years ago but still nothing to cry about.

I do have to say it was a productive 15 minute railfan outing in border country. If the weather cooperates maybe I can try again tomorrow before heading home. Need to get rested up for a trip up the Noyes Sub Monday.


Allen said...

Do you happen to know what those colored lights on the Alco are, or at least were, were used for?

Jim said...

Remote control status or indicator lights. At first only two units had them, later they were applied to all four.