Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Brainerd Sub Train

This morning found me bound for a meeting in Two Harbors. It was tempting to stop in Staples for a couple of shots of the yard full of trains sitting there, but luckily something told me to keep pressing on. Actually not so much luck as work obligations kept me on the move.

Whatever the reason, it turned out well as in a short time a loaded coal train came into sight. As he worked on getting up to track speed I easily overtook him and found a crossing that offered a view just west of Motley.

Well, that was pretty nice so I decided to do it again near Pillager. This time involved a short wait (maybe 5 minutes) but the opportunity to shoot the train as it rounded a curve. Just the kind of view I want to figure out how to model.

Luck was with me, as the ACe was leading instead of the GE. I like the ACe's better, just have a sweet spot for EMD's I guess.

That was the only train I saw all day. A couple of locos sitting at Rice's Point when I went through Duluth and the crossing gates dropped on the NSSR near the end of I-35 but no glimpse of a train. Drove all the way to the Cities after my meeting with no evidence of any action on the portion of the Hinckley Sub that was visible. Still, any day with a nicely lit EMD is a good day, isn't it?

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