Thursday, August 4, 2011

CP Under High Sun

Around noon I left a meeting in Henning, and was greeted by the sound of a GE horm when I walked outside. A swing down by the tracks revealed a meet underway, with the westbound having taken the siding and the eastbound passing through after a stop to line the East siding switch. Hmmm, perhaps a trip to Soo Line Road? Yes, there really is such a place. Here's a sample of the view:

Unlike the Staples Sub, a long CP train still gathering speed is an easy chase, so the next stop was at the detector south of town. This is looking across a hay field, obviously toward the tracks.

The sun was high, but still. That is some lovely countryside the tracks pass through. I need to take a lesson from Jer and spend some more time along the DL Sub. Maybe he's selling licenses?

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