Sunday, August 14, 2011

DEEX, Again

Needing a break from the never ending grain elevator expansion (oh, I've got big plans, let me tell you), I grabbed the second scratchbuilt Thrall coal gon knocked together from bits and pieces, this time to see how it would look with a coat of paint and some decals. Here's the result:

There is still a fair amount of work left on this car. I am happy with how the underside looks from a distance, having added some hint of brake gear which is so visible on the prototype cars. It is EXTREMELY difficult for me to keep everything square, plumb, and properly spaced while doing things like installing the ribs and applying decals. What seems acceptable while you are doing it just jumps out at you like a rabid wolverine in photos.

Second, I made some horrendous mistakes building this car, things that make me wonder what was I thinking? I know better yet in the heat of the moment made building and painting errors that almost cry out to be mocked. Live and learn.

The main things left to do are find some more decals, things like the builder's logo, the data on rebuild or service dates (not sure what that thing is called, like a data plate or something), and find and install ladders and stirrups. I have some brake wheels so that shouldn't be too hard to cobble up. It is becoming apparent that a solid set of these (AMAZING link, thanks Ian!) is probably not in the cards for the forseeable future. It's either build coal cars 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for a year, or have a job and a life outside for sale signs. I'm leaning toward having a life.

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