Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Evening

With ATCS quiet, Mrs. L4T and I decided to head down towards Ottertail for supper tonight. (If you're ever in the area, Elmer's BBQ on the south side of Ottertail Lake is awesome.) I had hoped to catch a CP train passing through the area but no luck on that front.

We decided to head for Perham and take the long way home, with some strange goings-on showing on the computer screen. Just as we reached New York Mills, we came across this thing, which I shot from the overpass after a u-turn and some backtracking.

I like to call it a "trucklomotive". My guess, and it is nothing more than a guess, is that the equipment is moving to the west end of the tie job so they can work in the normal direction of traffic. Time will tell, I "guess".

There was a red line on MT 2 just east of Wadena, so a look down the tracks when we crossed sure enough revealed a headlight. Another short detour resulted in this shot of what looked like a 1+1 coal empty:

And that was it for the evening.

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BB-Idaho said...

We stopped by Wadena depot a couple weeks back. Lot of new ties laying around. When a grain train came by, the closest track depressed about 6" as they passed over at about 40 mph. The sounds
coming from that point were a bit scary, but the RR must know what they are doing. Is that all patched up now?