Monday, September 12, 2011


It's already been a couple of weeks since I was in the New Ulm area. There was a lot of traffice on the DME, but being tied up with work not many photography opportunities. After work on Tuesday of that week a stop near the depot revealed the power for the New Ulm switch job sitting at the depot.

Another train was approaching when I shot this but the light was so poor there was no chance to get a shot (I haven't mastered the zoom pan yet).

The next evening I was headed for Springfield, and approaching Sleepy Eye a headlight appeared, coming out of the sun. Here's the black and white backlit shot of the train, with the "prairie skyscrapers" of Sleepy Eye in the background.

Four SD40-2's in this day and age is fun, and since I promised some variety a few days ago, here's the end product:

I'm sure they all took different routes to get to the spot in 2011. There have to be a lot of stories of the trains these engines have hauled over the years.

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