Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dash 9's STILL Excite Me

I've bashed GE's, or at least sung the praises of EMD power, many times on this blog. But if GE's were really a turn off I'd likely have to find a new place to railfan, as BNSF has a huge flock of them, seemingly dominated by H2 painted Dash 9's. Some are nice, some are peachy, some look like the National Guard has been doing flamethrower practice on their flanks. I still really like to see them all.

On the way home from New Ulm last Thursday ATCS revealed an eastbound that I might be able to catch near the paper mill in Sartell. Turned out to be good intelligence as the headlight was barely in sight on reaching the crossing. A short wait resulted in this.

Three of 'em, with light on the nose, blasting toward St. Cloud with a baretable train.

I really like to look for trains.

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