Friday, March 16, 2012

Highway 10

Thursday was a LONG day. Beginning with a 5:45 AM departure for a meeting in Minneapolis, and ending with a 9:40 PM arrival home after said meeting, and one more in Randall yesterday evening.

Which leads to a lot of time on Highway 10. Everybody knows the Northern Pacific showed someone the route for a highway, and they still run together in most places. The result is any trip along Highway 10 is, by default, also an opportunity to railfan. I didn't get any done in the morning due an extremely tight schedule, but on the way back to Randall a couple of spare moments allowed a capture of this stack train, between St. Cloud and Little Falls.

It's kind of side-lit but not TERRIBLE.

There was a coal empty waiting for a light south of Gregory, and an eastbound about to make room for him. I flew right on by and arrived at Randall with time to spare. After a stop to make people aware the meeting was on, I ran north of town a bit to shoot the coal empty as it rounded a curve. I think this is a pretty good shot, and like how the ghost of the BN emblem still makes itself present on the nose of the MAC. Long live the BN!

A couple of trains interrupted my presentation at the fire hall, but that's all good. Anytime you can hear a train from work, it's worth saying thanks.

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