Sunday, April 22, 2012

Squiggiling Through Staples

Wednesday afternoon was my annual trip to the Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety spring conference. For, me it's kind of like Verndale Rail, just less fun, as I see a lot of people I know.

Anyway, you can't get there from here without going through Staples. And wonder of wonders, just west of there I overtook an honest-to-goodness worm train. Not one of those mostly worm trains with a few white cars mixed in to spoil the effect, but the genuine article. New cars and all. It was worth a delay arriving at the meeting to shoot him.
In the second shot, you can see a couple of the new, but different, cars, that were the only flaws until the very end where two of the older and dirtier red cars were the final revenue generators before the third Dash 9 pushing.
And that's all for now. Blogger has made some changes and I have no idea how this will come out.


oliwiaKociewianka said...

Hi, I found your blog by chance but happily for me, couse I like trains and large cars. It is a pity you don't have the members' column /however it is called/. I say hello to you from Tczew, the heart of northern Poland railways.

Steelcowboy said...

Hey Jim, very nice speak of those odd white cars, just think of them being freckles on a worm haha :) I saw some white on a worm that was "squiggling" in the puddle this morning ;) can't wait to see ya June 23rd ( Bren and I are revisiting our honeymoon site) i'm very pleased with her made it pretty easy to tell her about VR2k12 :) .....besides, I need pics of that sanding tower and fuel track details from the BN shops in Superior. If you have any pics which you can share that would be helpful too. My trackwork is done, fuel cranes are ordered. Its gonna be a sweet diesel shop :)

See ya soon, keep taking those nice pics !!
Mike R.